英語圏で人気がある女性の名前まとめ 3


Hello! EcomのJennです。It’s me again! How are you?

以前このブログで英語の苗字について書きましたが、今度は英語の名前(first name)を紹介したいと思います。英語の苗字は人の特徴や職業、住んでいる場所などを表していましたが、ファースト・ネームは少し違います。




この名前はシェイクスピアの「十二夜」という喜劇の登場人物に由来しています。彼女の名前は「オリーブ」から取られていて、オリーブは平和のシンボルなので、「平和」という意味も持っています。写真はアメリカの女優、Olivia Wildeです。



Emmaはゲルマン語に由来があって、アメリカ・カナダ・イギリス・オーストラリア・ニュージーランドなどの色んな国でとても人気のある名前です。そもそもの意味は「全て」「宇宙」です。写真は「ハリー・ポッター」シリーズで有名なEmma Watsonです。先月、アメリカのブラウン大学を卒業しましたね。



こちらの名前はグレシア語という言葉で、「知恵」の意味を表します。北米以外には、オーストラリアでもかなり人気のある名前です。写真はSofia Coppolaという映画監督/デザイナーです。彼女の父親は「ゴッドファーザー」シリーズで知られる、Francis Ford Coppolaです。



Emilyの由来はラテン語で、「よく働く」「熱心な」という意味を持っている言葉だと言われています。写真は、私の大好きな「Bones」というTVシリーズの主人公役をしているアメリカ女優、Emily Deschanelです。


それでは、次回は男性編です!お楽しみに!See you again next time! Bye!

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無料英単語学習アプリ「Memory」 ・Ecomの無料英語学習動画


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3 thoughts on “英語圏で人気がある女性の名前まとめ

  • Seiichi Furukawa

    Hello Jenn, How are you?
    Thank you for your interesting blog. I always look forward to reading your postings.
    I should write your name as Jennifer, instead of writing Jenn. It may be easy to jot down just Jenn, but if it is impolite to write the short form of your name, please let me know.
    My daughter’s name is Emi. When we were in NY, we were often asked what her name was. I said, “It’s Emi.” Then they said, “Oh, Amy, it’s very lovely.” I should have said, “No, ma’am. It’s Emi”. It’s not polite to misspell his/her name. So, I have to be careful when I write his/her name.
    Do you know how to translate “Chan” in English? We often say, “Hanako-Chan”, for example. But, I don’t know how to say it. But, Hanako is no longer a typical name of a girl.
    In Japan, there are several trendy names, I guess. For example, 葵, a girl’s name is used to be the family crest of Tokugawa shogun. In our grandparent age, people had to pay homage to the name.
    Do you have such kind of trendy names of girls? I look forward to have your comment.

    • Ecom 英語ネット

      Seiichi Furukawa 様


      Ecom英語ネット スタッフ

    • St.jeanJenn
      St.jeanJenn Post author

      Hello again Seiichi. Thank you so much for your reply and I apologize for the lateness of my response.
      I’ve actually just moved recently and it took a while to get internet and everything set up, but I’m back now!

      Please feel free to call me Jenn! It is not impolite at all and I actually prefer it to my full name, as my full name is a little long.

      To English speakers unfamiliar with Japanese, “Emi” probably does sound very similar to “Amy”.
      There was actually a girl in one of my Japanese classes at York whose name was Emi, but she went by Amy in English, because it was easier for people to remember.

      However, you are right and it is somewhat impolite to misspell someone’s name. I know I get that a lot with
      my name even!

      A lot of people mistake “Jennifer” with “Jessica” or write
      “Jenn” with one “n” instead of two.

      Unfortunately, I don’t really think there is an English equivalent to “chan”.
      Even in manga translations, I’ve seen it left as is, untranslated, because there really isn’t anything close enough in English. As for trendy names, there are several in English as well. Most become popular because of popular culture.
      For example, “Ava” is a popular name of a girl recently,
      because certain celebrities couples named their daughters Ava. Bella (meaning beautiful in Italian) has become a popular name recently due to the Twilight book series, where this is the name of the main character.

      Both of these names have existed for generations, but really only grew in popularity recently due to popular culture.