SmashCrashBoom! 英語の擬音語「オノマトペ」を知っていますか? 4

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Hello There! How are you all today? It’s Max from Ecom.


まず、もちろん英語にも動物の鳴き声の言葉があります。しかも実は、英語と日本語でかなり違います。例えば日本語で猫の鳴き声は「にゃんにゃん」ですね。でも英語では「Meow Meow」(ミアウ ミアウ)と鳴きます。豚は日本語で「ブーブー」ですが、英語では「Oink Oink」(オインク オインク)になります。どうしてこんなに違うのでしょうね。





⇒Tick Tock(ティックトック)













That’s all for today. See you next time.

Ecomオンライン英会話  ・Ecom子供向けオンライン英会話

無料英単語学習アプリ「Memory」 ・Ecomの無料英語学習動画


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4 thoughts on “SmashCrashBoom! 英語の擬音語「オノマトペ」を知っていますか?

  • Seiichi Furukawa

    Hello Max,
    I always look forward to reading your new article.
    There are several English idioms or dictions using some of that onomatopoeia.
    “The other day, a pretty stock dealer whispered into my ear that the stock market in 2014 would be boom and bust. Therefore, she said to me that buying the Japanese stock option now would be bang for the buck. She told me to tick off some items on the market and send them back to her. The clock is ticking. This is the last chance for me to splash out on the stock market and jump on the bandwagon to the boom market. I guess she would crash on me if I made a killing.”
    Does this make sense to you?

    • Max

      Hi Seiichi,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, there are lots of English idioms that use onomatopoeia! That paragraph is a good example as it uses lots of these idioms. However, we do not say ‘crash on me’. There are many uses of crash, such as ‘the stock market crash’ (quick decrease in value) or ‘I crashed at my friend’s house’ (I slept at my friends house) or even ‘I crashed the party’ (I came to the party even though I was not invited. Onomatopoeia are an interesting aspect of English but they are very difficult! Have a nice day!

      • Seiichi Furukawa

        Hello Max,
        Thank you very much for the correction. Sorry, I made a mistake. I really appreciate that a native speaker like you rectifies my mistake. However, can you say “crash on you”? I looked up the dictionary and it explained that it’s means as simple as “I like you”, or “ I liked you before but never had a relationship with you”. Maybe I should have used “ Crash on you”. I always look forward having your replay.

        • Max

          Hi Seiichi!
          Thanks for your response.
          I think that you may have gotten confused between ‘crash’ and ‘crush’. You cannot say ‘crash on someone’, but you can have a ‘crush’ on someone, which means that you like them. 🙂